The Digital Mirror for


Digital Footprint.

Use your data to optimize your life, rather than ads. A analytical platform to analyse your fragmented data.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Your Datapoints work together to tell a story. Monitor and track your data across the digital landscape. Get valueable insights on your data and make better decisions.

Dynamic Tracking

The analysis work for you, not the other way around. Weave through your data to find patterns, corelations and ways to break them.


Platforms such as Google, Spotify, Github, Discord, etc integrate with Anlyst to give you a complete picture of your digital footprint.

Pattern Detection

Notifies you ablout any patterns you are falling into and empowers you to avoid said patterns.

Solid Foundations

We dont like to give out our data for companines to optimize ads, and neither should you. One analyis is based on your data and not on your privacy.

Data Privacy

Companies use your data to create a profile of you, and then sell that profile to advertisers. We want you to be in control of your data and use it for your own benefit.

Data Awareness

The vision of Anlyst is to make you aware of your digital footprint. We want to give you the tools to understand your data and its analysis.
Optimize your Life

Not your Standard Analytics Platform

Anlyst is focused on helping you break down your data, create a story and detect patterns.It helps your find the pathways your patterns take and ultimately make you see the bigger picture.
Set up alerts and get notified when your data changes. Also warns your regarding any Dataleaks or breaches concerning your data.
Dynamic Analysis
Monitor and track your data across the digital landscape. Use data from multiple sources to dynamically adjust and optimize your life.
Predictive Analysis
Predict your habits and its triggers. Find patterns which back a certain decision and predict the outcome of your decision.
We aim to make you aware of your data and its implications. Your data is fragmented across the internet and we aim to bring it all together.
The mission Anlyst is working on, is to empower you using your own data stored in the interwebs. We at nous are doing the same for your informtion. Its time to use your fragmented data for your own good.Siddharth Balyan - Founder @nous
would love to see what other people see when they search up my name, I wonder what is out there...Leon Zhu - Co-founder of Patchwork Labs
This is really interesting, this could also act as a digital mirror. If there is a chat assistant available I can ask them about my behaviour as a netizen and improve on thatAkshay Agrawal - Product Designer , @Webflow Expert Partner

People like you are Intrested in Anlyst

We are building this with the community. We want to make sure that we are building something that people want. We are looking for people who are intrested in this idea and want to help us build it.

Some frequently asked questions.

Can you give an example usecase?

Sure, Personal Finance combined with habit tracking could be a major one, tracking all subscriptions and other behavior of the user on the web - analyzing, validating, predicting users behavior - allowing them to learn more about their buyer behavior - making sure they do not get into what we call shopping hallucinate / abyss.

What is the main mission/vision of Anlyst? What does this hope to achive?

The main mission is to make people aware of their digital footprint, focusing on raising awareness and right to own data. We hope to give full access to personal data, instead of it being fragmented throughout the internet.

Why the name Anlyst? is a play on the word analyst, which is what we are trying to do - analyze your digital footprint. We also wanted to make it a bit more personal, so we added the fyi domain to make it more personal.